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The Wellness Trail focuses on the following five dimensions of wellness.

Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness is one's ability to engage in technology positively. A significant part of digital wellness is learning to use specifically social media in a meaningful, beneficial way. Maintaining digital wellness requires personal reflection, self-control, and social-emotional skills. 

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness is one's ability to recognize and understand their emotions. Emotional wellness also impacts one's ability to adapt to change and grapple with challenges. Maintaining emotional wellness requires personal reflection, self-awareness, and flexibility. 

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness is one's ability to maintain intellectual stimulation. Aside from academic engagement, intellectual wellness encompasses cultural, community, and personal engagement. Maintaining intellectual wellness requires personal reflection, critical thinking, and ambition.  

Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness is one's ability to maintain health and fitness in order to increase productivity, energy, and engagement in other aspects of life. Physical wellness encompasses nutritional health and physical health. Maintaining physical wellness requires personal reflection, motivation, and perseverance. 

Social Wellness

Social Wellness is one's ability to empathize with others, cultivate positive and meaningful relationships, and maintain balance. Maintaining social wellness requires personal reflection, empathy, strong communication skills, conflict management skills, and trust.

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